Depending on how fancy you want to get, we have a couple of options:
1. Advanced:
We can design, maintain, and host your page(s), including any multimedia you might have along with custom backend database programming and access to cgi's and other goodies. This option is the most advanced we offer, and requires virtually no html knowledge on your part, all you have to do is provide us with the specifications of how you would like your site to look , and we take care of the rest. Of course this option is also the most expensive, depending on what options you want for your site. The initial setup fee can run from $25 for a basic page, to $150 for a site that includes multimedia, and interactive web pages. Maintenance/hosting fee's per month can be between $10 and $50. (Pre-payment qualifies you for a discount.) The Advanced account includes 6MB of disk space, a link off of our main page, your own public ftp directory, your own email address, free technical support through email, and any concerts or recordings you may have will be entered into our searchable database.

2. Basic
You can design and code your site, or move your existing pages to our server. You will be responsible for all maintenance issues pertaining to any files that you may include in your site. This option is the least expensive, with a one time setup fee of $10, and a monthly fee of $5 then on. (Must be payed in 6 month increments.) The Basic account includes 2MB of disk space, and a link off of the Aritists page. Please note that we do not offer direct editing of your web pages (i.e. through telnet), you must upload your changed files to our ftp server, and then notify us of the change.

All homepages will be available to anyone on the internet in the form of:

Advanced accounts will also have an ftp directory in the form of: (separate directory from the web)
and an email address in the form of:, which is forwarded to your real email address.
Advanced accounts may also choose to have their web/ftp directories reachable through in addition to the default path.

Pre-payment discounts for Advanced accounts (does not include setup fee):

3 Months2%
6 Months4%
12 Months10%

Please email us at if you have any more questions.

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